Our shoemakers and leather workers are based on-site in our workshop, so that you can involve them directly in the design and making of your unique commission.

Hand-crafted in our London Workshop.

Every item we create is something completely unique, employing craft skills unchanged for centuries. 
Our Lastmaker will make an evaluation and draft of your feet before hand-carving a unique beechwood last on which your shoes will be made. This is an interpretation of the shape of your feet and the aesthetic result you require. We then design and create bespoke patterns and cut the leather components by hand.


The upper leather parts are then stitched together by our “Closer” who is highly skilled in detailed hand stitching.
The uppers and inner sole are fitted to the last and stitched together by a skilled shoemaker using flaxen thread.
If this is your first pair we ask you to have a trial fitting before the outer sole is attached.
Once we are satisfied that the shoes fit perfectly, we move to the final stage, attaching the outer sole and heel. The shoe is then finished using creams and waxes with meticulous attention to detail.
The artistic co-ordination of the Lastmaker, the Pattern Cutter, the Closer, the Shoemaker and the Finisher make the resulting shoe a unique combination of craft and design skills, interpreting your own vision in our work.