Because most of our leather products are made
individually by hand in our Islington workshop,
commissioning a special item is part of our
normal work.

Brief and Attaché cases, portfolios, Laptop
holders, wallets, billfolds, card cases,
key holders and jotters are all things
that add to the pleasure of life, and creating
a unique product specially made
to your own design and materials
can be very satisfying.

If you simply want us to copy an old model
then you can send it or bring it to us,
or send photographs of it from the key angles
together with critical measurements and
specify the leather or colours you require,
and we will provide you with a quotation
for the work.

To design an item from scratch an
accurate drawing will be needed. We can
help you with this if you give us the basic

Depending on the brief, we may make a
prototype for you to evaluate before
proceeding with the final work.

We are usually able to complete private
commissions within a period of 3-6 weeks.