Our guiding principle is that our crafted products are wherever possible made in England.

The centre of this activity is the Foster & Son workshop, situated right over our retail store in Jermyn Street, and staffed by an enthusiastic dedicated team of shoe and bootmakers who have many years’ experience in leather craftsmanship.

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Welcome to Foster & Son.
If you would like to recieve information about Foster & Son, news about special offers or travel, please register your details here. We anticipate offering online purchasing quite shortly and hope this will be well received. For bespoke goods, or those that need fitting we shall continue to encourage customers to contact us personally rather than buying over the web.


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Why do people buy hand crafted bespoke shoes when they are more expensive than machine-made shoes?


No ready-to-wear shoe can achieve the style and fit of a bespoke one because the skilled human hand can still stitch more complex shapes than the best machine.


A ready-to-wear shoe is made to fit the average foot and the average taste. With your own shoe, you can choose from the finest leather or other skin in the World and any available combination of colour or shape you like. The shoes you take home from 83 Jermyn Street will be unique and come to you directly from the craftsmen who made them for you.


To the cognoscenti, a bespoke shoe, unnoticed by most people, is a discreet sign of good taste and individuality.


Some of us have foot problems. The orthopaedic case is a specialist job that we don't normally cater for. However, many people have minor problems that cause unnecessary discomfort. Our shoemakers have a reputation for creating an elegant look for the problem foot and the bliss of foot comfort, invisible to others, is greatly appreciated by the wearer!

And finally, True individuality, like any original work of art, can come only though something created uniquely for you.

Who can I talk to, to learn more?

You can get advice on commissioning a pair of boots or shoes by calling in at the shop during business hours, by arranging for us to visit you, or by attending one of our periodic visits to the USA and Japan. We have an extensive display of our shoes in the shop and you will be welcome to examine them.