Our guiding principle is that our crafted products are wherever possible made in England.

The centre of this activity is the Foster & Son workshop, situated right over our retail store in Jermyn Street, and staffed by an enthusiastic dedicated team of shoe and bootmakers who have many years’ experience in leather craftsmanship.

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Welcome to Foster & Son.
If you would like to recieve information about Foster & Son, news about special offers or travel, please register your details here. We anticipate offering online purchasing quite shortly and hope this will be well received. For bespoke goods, or those that need fitting we shall continue to encourage customers to contact us personally rather than buying over the web.


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Can you make shoes for customers living outside the UK?

Yes! The majority of our customers live overseas, in about 80 countries. Once your last is made you can easily order new shoes without coming to London, and we routinely travel to see our clients in the USA and other countries. Our highly experienced Japanese shoemaker travels twice a year to Japan. If you join our mailing/email list we will tell you the nearest location of our next visit.

I live outside the UK: when my shoes wear out, how do I get them repaired?

A cheap local repair of your bespoke shoes may seem tempting, but your shoes are unique and we believe that, unless they are very old indeed, our bespoke customers will be very well advised to send their shoes to us as the original maker. This is because the original last is needed to get the unique shape of the shoe

correct. Also because every maker has his own signature style, the shoes will look different if they are repaired by someone else. As so many traditional makers have disappeared, we are often asked to repair shoes from other makers, and for that situation we have a large "library" of lasts from which an acceptable shape can often be found.

In no circumstances should a bespoke shoe be repaired by a local machine welting repair shop! If that happens then we will have to re-make the welt, an expensive job.

Your ready-to-wear shoes will also keep their original style and quality and last a lot longer if expertly repaired.

Please send your repair to Jermyn Street with clear instructions. We suggest that you email, fax or telephone us beforehand to agree the type of repair needed and the cost before dispatching your shoes or

other leather goods. We normally ask for a full deposit before proceeding with major repair work. Work is routinely sent though the mail or by courier although you may wish to insure the package.

I am tax resident outside the UK. How do I get the UK VAT refunded to me?

We offer Tax Free shopping, which takes only a minute or two to provide your name, your address outside the UK and a contact telephone number.

Additionally UK tax residents can usually claim a VAT refund if they have a problem that requires them to have specially made bespoke footwear. A letter from a registered medical practitioner is required.

We also offer a convenient service that allows you to pay via credit card in your own home currency. This offers very competitive exchange rates, and can also be helpful when reconciling your accounts on your return home.